Thinking Forward TV Series One

A word from the partners

Campbell Tyson has been at the forefront of helping provincial businesses to grow since 1922.

Over the past 90+ years the firm has seen a considerable change in the economic landscape, mostly due to technology, mobile communications and tax legislation. We have also observed several common themes and challenges across the breadth of businesses we work with. These include differentiation, sustainability, diversification and succession to name just a few.

And this got us thinking: if so many new and established companies are learning these lessons – how can we help flatten the learning curve? The answer was to get out of the office and into the open air. We know that people learn from experience: our own and that of others. So we have met with 12 inspirational businesses and distilled their insights into real world learning that will encourage and inform budding entrepreneurs all over New Zealand.

‘Thinking Forward’ is more than words, it’s a mindset and the appetite to take calculated risks tempered by experience. And experience is what we deliver.

Glen Beal         Lincoln Sharp      Sarah Miskell      Kirsty Bullen    Matthew Robertson


Episode 1: Educating for Agribusiness

St. Paul’s Collegiate in Hamilton is one of this country’s top ten independent schools and over fifty percent of their students are from agricultural more

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Episode 2: Innovative and Sustainable Dairying

We visit an environmentally-friendly dairy farm in the Waipa district and find out that big doesn’t have to mean bad! more

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Episode 3: Agrisea

Agrisea was started 19 years ago by Jill Bradley and husband more

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Episode 4: Haunui Farm

Haunui Farm has been readily recognised as one of New Zealand’s finest thoroughbred more

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Episode 5: The Tractor Centre

The irrepressible Geoff Shuker runs The Tractor Centre in Pukekohe and has several other businesses in his more

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Episode 6: Curious Croppers

We meet a daring couple who were forced to look beyond growing cherry tomatoes for supermarkets and have created a successful niche market of ‘cranky and curious’ crops, selling to chefs, restaurants as well as specialty retail more

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Episode 7: Biocosmo

We find out how an unlikely pairing between a department store owner and a scientist resulted in an innovative and eco-friendly solution to processing food more

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Episode 8: Happy Valley Honey

The buzz around honey has never been so loud or strong as it is right now – and making a beeline to a successful rural business is this week’s featured enterprise: the aptly named Happy Valley more

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Episode 9: Frenz Eggs

This week we’re looking at a small business that started life in the back of a Holden and is now a more

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Episode 10: A Boutique Dairy Farm

As the Dairy industry grows, so do the farms. Syndicates, overseas businesses and joint family ventures are continuing to super-size our dairy farms, bringing super-sized challenges as well as more

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Episode 11: Living Walls

The plant and flower nursery business can be a real toughie, with changing trends and cheap imports making it difficult for local growers to more

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Episode 12: The Icehouse

Over the last 11 weeks we have visited a variety of agribusinesses and noticed several common more

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Thank you to...

Campbell Tyson would like to thank these innovative people and businesses for bringing ‘Thinking Forward’ to life:

Agrisea | BioCosmo | Curious Croppers | FRENZ | Happy Valley Honey | Haunui Farm | John Hayward and Susan O’Regan | St Paul’s Collegiate School | The Icehouse | The Tractor Centre | Twining Valley Nurseries | Wendy & Norm Clark | Steve Davis | NZ Trade and Enterprise (Craig Armstrong) | David Irving (Founder of the Icehouse) | VantagePoint Marketing (Dave Lewis) | Chris Woods | Dave Wrathall | Rob McPhee | Peter Smith | Campbell Naish

And a big thanks to Deb Faith, Robin Coombs, Luke Watkinson and Vanessa Veart Smith at Country TV.