Thinking Forward TV Series Two

A word from Sarah

Campbell Tyson has been at the forefront of helping provincial businesses to grow since 1922.

Over the past 90+ years the firm has seen a considerable change in the economic landscape, mostly due to technology, mobile communications and tax legislation. We have also observed several common themes and challenges across the breadth of businesses we work with. These include differentiation, sustainability, diversification and succession to name just a few. We know that people learn from experience – our own and that of others.

So following on from the success of ‘Thinking Forward’ Season 1, we have travelled the length and breadth of New Zealand to find 11 inspirational businesses and bring you their stories and an insight into the way they think and operate.

From farmers to growers and from Gore to Auckland – these 11 businesses are doing things differently and getting fantastic results that will encourage and inform entrepreneurs all over New Zealand. ‘Thinking Forward’ is more than words, it’s a mindset and an experience that Campbell Tyson is proud to deliver.

Glen Beal         Lincoln Sharp      Sarah Miskell      Kirsty Bullen    Matthew Robertson


Episode 1: Dung Beetle Innovations

Sheep, cattle, horses, and other domesticated livestock have been brought to New Zealand without the dung beetles that have evolved in other areas to process their more

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Episode 2: Seed Solutions

Rene and Jo van Tilburg offer services to Northern Hemisphere maize and sweet corn companies, and use di-haploid breeding technology to produce parent lines in a single more

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Episode 3: Waitomo Petroleum

Founded in 1947, Waitomo Petroleum is a true family business for Grey & Jimmy more

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Episode 4: Equibreed

Equibreed offers some of the greatest technology and process for specialist veterinary equine reproductive services in New more

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Episode 5: Retro Organics

15 years in the making and Retro Organics are continuing to grow and stand out in the New Zealand more

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Episode 6: Rockit Apples

Rockit is the world’s first specially-bred miniature ‘high quality’ more

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Episode 7: Dairy Goat Co-Operative

Goat milk infant formula is a fast growing product around the more

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Episode 8: NZ Performance Horses

What happens when you combine an accomplished Grand Prix Show Jumper and an All Black captain into business in the equestrian field? more

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Episode 9: Neil and Mark Gardyne Aeronavics

Combining a father’s farming skills and knowledge with his children’s technical ability working with modern ‘toys’ created a whole new way of approaching stock management for South Island farmers with large areas to more

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Episode 10: Grow Rotorua

Rotorua District Council controlled economic development organisation Grow Rotorua, are taking steps to revitalise land and industries that have remained stagnant for many more

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Episode 11: Tihoi Venture School – Part 1 & 2

Tihoi Venture School is New Zealand’s only 18-week outdoor pursuits programme for Year 10 more

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Thank You

Campbell Tyson would like to thank these innovative people and businesses for bringing ‘Thinking Forward Series Two’ to life:

  • Dung Beetle Innovations
  • Seed Solutions
  • Waitomo Petroleum
  • Equibreed
  • Retro Organics
  • Rockit Apples
  • Dairy Goat Co-operative
  • NZ Performance Horses
  • Neil and Mark Gardyne
  • Aeronavics
  • Francis Pauwels
  • Tihoi Venture School

And a big thanks to Skot Barnett, Andy Jalfon and Nick Winter from JX Live and Vanessa Veart Smith and the team at Country TV.