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Lincoln Sharp

Growth, Profit, Cashflow, Risk Management, Succession. These are five keys things your Accountant should be assisting you with on a regular basis. Helping my clients in these areas is what lights my fire. Oh, and I can help with the Compliance stuff too!

Business Cashflow

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We are now into the new financial year and you are already comparing your performance to your budget. You don’t have a budget? Oops.

You are not the only one

This is not as uncommon as you would think. Many of us get so tied up at the coal face, we fail to plan for the future while dealing with the present. The process of putting together an expectation for the year can be daunting because we don’t know where to start.

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Companies incorporated in New Zealand after 1 May 2015 have needed to:

  • Provide dates and places of birth of all directors
  • Ensure that one director lives in New Zealand, or is an Australian who is also a director of an Australian Company (details will need to be provided - see below)
  • Provide details of a ultimate holding company, if appropriate
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TPP - A great outcome for NZ

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The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement was completed at 2am this morning after a marathon effort from those 12 countries that are party to it. All the secreacy around the negotiations had people imagining the worst, but it appears that the deal struck will be hugely beneficial for New Zealand.

See a great summary by sector here: TPP Outcome Sector Summary

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The Government announced in its last budget that they intend tax sales of residential land that has been owned two years or less.

The use of the term "Bright-line" refers to a clear connection between an event and a tax outcome, something they are seeking to do with the legislation that is currently only at Bill stage. This means that Parliament still has to clean it up before it becomes law. What is unsettling is we will all be caught by it in a matter of weeks, with 1 October 2015 being the magical date.

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ASB Quickview: OCR outlook - low for longer

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Long-term OCR outlook

  • We continue to expect the RBNZ to cut the OCR to 2.5% in coming months.
  • Inflation pressures will remain subdued; neutral OCR likely to be low.
  • Accordingly, we have extended our forecast of how long the OCR stays low.

See the attached PDF for more information

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ASB Kiwi Dollar Barometer

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Dollar drop an opportunity and a threat

  • Exchange rate expected to trade near the US65c level
  • Firms have budgeted for the NZD to be higher
  • Lower NZD is impacting hedging decisions – more exporters plan to hedge, and for longer

See the attached PDF for more information.

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