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Have you ever wondered why some businesses appear to succeed when others struggle day to day while tied down by a variety of issues such as tight cashflow, lack of growth, low productivity and profitability, and high staff turnover?

There are many different keys to success however one of the most important, and often overlooked, is effective business planning & management.  All businesses get into trouble now and then, but what sets successful businesses apart is the ability to be able to plan ahead and therefore minimize the impact of the inevitable upsets.

When we talk about effective planning & management we mean a continuous cycle (or feedback loop) of actively planning, reviewing and improving.  The most common modelused in businesses is the PDCA Model.

PDCA stands for Plan, Do, Check and Act


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We often find that for many small to medium sized businesses the answer is no.Many small business owners get so tied up at the coal face, and as a result fail to plan for the future while dealing with the present.The process of putting together an expectation for the year can be daunting especially if you don’t know where to start.

Why Budget

A budget is an important start in the business planning process.Without a budget you cannot effectively plan for your businesses future.

Some areas where budgeting can help include:

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So last week the Government released its budget for the next year and there were a few tax changes announced.  Although not ground breaking there was a little extra in there for middle New Zealand.

Here is our breakdown of the changes...

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Those thinking about entering the 2017 Auckland/Hauraki Dairy Industry Awards are encouraged to do so soon, with entries closing on 30 November.

Auckland/Hauraki Regional Managers Bryce and Rosemarie Costar said entering the competitions is one of the best ways farmers can raise their profile and reputation.

‘‘The awards are an opportunity for farmers to make useful connections, get advice on their business and have some fun along the way,” said Rosemarie.

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Bombay School Calf Club 2016

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We would like to give a big thank you to Bombay school for their generous thank you letter to us.  Check you Che

Check out the photos on the letter and we cant wait to see the new playground that will be built with the money they raised!

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Figured for Farmers

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Farming in New Zealand is a tough business with many challenges beyond the farmer’s control - environmental, economic, and market lead. The financial numbers however are one thing a farmer can have some degree of influence over. We know that most farmers just want to be farmers, but by owning their numbers and being in a position to make good plans and sound financial decisions, a farmer can directly influence the profitability of their business. This is where Figured can come in.

Figured is a complete cloud-based financial management software program for farmers.

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