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Bombay School Calf Club 2016

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We would like to give a big thank you to Bombay school for their generous thank you letter to us.  Check you Che

Check out the photos on the letter and we cant wait to see the new playground that will be built with the money they raised!

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We are proud sponsors of St Paul's Collegiate School's Centre of Excellence for Agricultural Science and Business who have their information evening coming up on Tuesday 25th August and it's local. Perfect for prospective parents.

For more info go to our Facebook page 

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The Same, yet different

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The cat is out of the bag. CTCW will no longer be CTCW on 1 April 2012.  Campbell Tyson will be the name replacing Campbell Tyson Cooper White, something Jacqui our receptionist is greatly looking forward to.  Have you ever heard someone rattling off a seven syllable name before she even gets to hers up to a couple of hundred times a day?  Exhausting!

It does raise an interesting point, how important is a name?  We believe it is very important for us.  Campbell Tyson celebrated its 90th birthday on 1 March 2012.  Admittedly, the name has changed many times over the years, but the Campbell name has been there longer than most.  That cornerstone name has provided the impression of gravity and stability that the firm has stood for.  The Tyson name has, through shared "real estate", taken the same connection.  The Cooper White aspect, not given up lightly, has contributed significantly to our culture, and while the names may not be on the letterhead, they still influence what we do and how we do it.

How will the name change affect what we do?  It won't.  We will still be striving to go beyond what our clients expect in terms of performance and service.  We will continue to be "thinking forward" rather than focusing on historical data, looking for opportunities for our clients.

You will no longer see a list of the Partners of the firm on our letterhead.  Our Team approach to supporting our clients means that everyone on our staff is integral to the service we provide.  Putting 56 names on our stationery would be over the top, however!

What you will see is different signage, different colours, a different motif and easier phone introductions in your dealings with Campbell Tyson.  Same great service!

Till next time.
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And back again.....

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Hello again

Been away from the blog for a few weeks now as I have been finishing off the Icehouse Owner Manager Programme. It's been a great few months, and although we will be meeting up for a couple more implementation sessions, I really enjoyed meeting some wonderful people and learning some interesting things about me and my business. Part of the course focused on developing a growth plan for Campbell Tyson Cooper White.

My growth plan centered on many issues I have been raising in my blog. It's about being relevant, adhering to a value proposition for clients, being true to our values:
- Personal - relevant to the client
- Inquisitive - wanting to know more
- Enthusiastic - not being a disinterested accountant!
- Future Focused - not being lost in the past we frequently report on
- Outcome Orientated - substance over form

The thing that excites me is that we have the staff to achieve this. CTCW has staff who are very interested in what their clients do, they look on and assist as though it was their business they are fighting for. They care passionately about results and know they provide value to our clients. What we need to get better at is conveying the message to those we help. And that we perhaps our greatest challenge moving forward.

Catch you again soon.
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Off the Radar

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Accountants call it the silly season.  We're in the middle of the busiest part of the year for Accountants.  Our clients have ordinarily got all their information together and are itching to know what the tax result was for the last year.  Its a trick to manage it so that clients are getting the information when they need it, but from experience I find that the best approach is to have up-to-date management systems that present the information to the decsion makers without waiting on an Accountant to put it together. 

There are some wonderful packages available out there now, like Xero ( - a personal favourite), Banklink ( - great, low cost cash flow management tool that covers GST to), Saasu ( - Xero on steriods) as well as the good old MYOB (  One package I think is losing ground is Quickbooks (  One of the more complex shrinkwrap options, their recent response to the GST changes has been rather poor.  Unless you want to bring your version up to the latest, you're not supported at the 15% GST rate.  This lack of options strikes me as somewhat "don't care" and heavy handed.  All of the other packages I have mentioned have rushed to find working solutions across the board.  Plus no word on a Saas solution, which appears to be where the other packages are all heading.

We're running courses on GST changes and some of the other fun tax changes the Government bundled in to their 20 May 2010 budget.  Our next one is a breakfast function on 15 September 2010 at the Racetrack in Pukekohe.  Make sure you know what you need to do before 1 October rolls around.  Your financial well-being may depend on it!

Till next time.

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