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Friday night drinks anyone?

Another month almost over, the first of the 2012 financial year. Every last Friday of the month we have “formal” work drinks (the informals happen most Fridays) for staff to kick back and have a couple of quiets to mull the week/month over and talk about something other than work.
When I started work out of university, the Friday drinks were one of the highlights of my fortnight (Gosling Chapman had them fortnightly), where you would have a few and then consider a night out on the town with your colleagues. But is this culture, which I would have thought quite common, is changing?
With people increasingly becoming more time-poor, are these casual Friday night events becoming a thing of the past?

We have 57 staff at Campbell Tyson Cooper White, but only managed to rumble up 10 staff to our drinks. We have some staff who don’t work Friday’s, work part time, have Friday night sport (mainly kids of staff, Friday night sport being a relatively new development), but is the Friday night drinks still relevant?
With Twitter, Facebook, 4 out of 5 couples meeting on-line (in the US), Friday night “demands”, more varied and complex social circles, are work place drinks losing their attraction and relevance? Or do the Friday night drinks needs to evolve? Do they need more than the “nuts and crisps”, the “get together and talk stuff”?
Do they need to have better food, a specific reason for being there, time off work?
This blog is more of a question mark than a statement, so have your say and tell me whether you think Friday drinks are still relevant or what they needs to have to be relevant to you.

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    Anthony McIlroy Wednesday, 04 May 2011

    If you build it they will come.
    Friday Staff drinks and the resulting turn out are a result of two factors. 1. 80% the culture of the place. 2. 20%The age and commitments of the staff at that workplace.
    GC had both going for it, as it become more corporatised and the culture waned so did those attending the drinks.

    Consider it a litmus test.
    Remember not everyone wants to drink, but most staff should want to relax and have a general conversation with each other. If they don't, why not.

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    Alan Pringle Wednesday, 04 May 2011

    We love to have friday drinks.

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