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An estimated 50% of businesses in NZ are family owned. While there are many advantages of a family owned business, they also face unique issues which if not dealt with can potentially lead to turmoil, legal disputes, dissolution of the business or worse - the family!

Irrespective of the legal structure of the family business, it is advisable to have a formal written document that outlines the business arrangement and ensures that the business operates on a commercial basis. No family business situation is the same and experience shows that "hand shake" agreements potentially lead to heart ache.

The main issues to consider and clarify in family businesses are:


22nd June 2016

Over the past two weeks Inland Revenue have received reports of a telephone phishing scam from several hundred customers around New Zealand.

We want as much detail as possible from you if fall victim of this scam. 

See the attached notice from the IRD. 

If you have any questions or reports call us on 09 238 9219

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Guest Blog - Share Farmers Of The Year

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A guest blog from Brad Markham and Mathew Herbert - The 2016 Auckland/Hauraki Share Farmers of the Year!

It’s a chilly wet June afternoon here in Taranaki and we’ve just sat down in front of a roaring fire after standing-off 380 dries for the night.

We don’t start calving for another month. The winter downtime provides an opportunity to fine-tune our targets and plans for the 2016/17 season.

If you’re considering entering the Dairy Industry Awards later this year, it’s also a perfect time to write down some goals and identify key performance indicators you want hit.

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The IRD are in town and we thought we would let you know!

"Our Hamilton Community Compliance teams will be out and about visiting businesses in the Drury, Papakura and Pukekohe areas:

  • Thursday 9 June 2016 – Drury
  • Tuesday 14 June 2016 – Pukekohe
  • Thursday 16 June 2016 - Papakura

We will be visiting small businesses in industrial units and some of them may be your clients. Clients will be able to easily identify our staff as we will be wearing IRD logo shirts and will be carrying ID cards.

Our intention is to increase IR’s visibility and presence in the community. The visits will focus on record keeping tax education, and online filing."

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Thinking Forward Series 2 - Sarah In The South

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I recently returned from a brief trip to the South Island where I attended the CAANZ National Primary Sector Conference and filmed two episodes for our Country TV series ‘Thinking Forward’. The overriding message that resonated with me from both of these experiences was the need for farmers to think outside the square in order to improve farm profitability in the current climate. This means being brave and innovative, trying new things and constantly challenging historical farm practices.

Business Cashflow

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We are now into the new financial year and you are already comparing your performance to your budget. You don’t have a budget? Oops.

You are not the only one

This is not as uncommon as you would think. Many of us get so tied up at the coal face, we fail to plan for the future while dealing with the present. The process of putting together an expectation for the year can be daunting because we don’t know where to start.

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