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Last year the Government introduced new tax rules for residential property which could have a significant impact on unsuspecting property owners. Based on discussions with our clients it appears that many people are not fully aware of the impact of these rules.

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Happy Easter!

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Wishing all a safe and happy Easter!

Our Easter Hours are:

Good Friday: Closed

Easter Monday: Closed

Tuesday 29th: Closed

But our 24/7 Help Desk is fully operational during this time, call 0800 883 718 for all of your accounting needs.  


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The Auckland Hauraki DIA Winners Field Day

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The Auckland Hauraki Dairy Industry Awards Winners Field Day is nearly here and there's something for everyone.

Thursday 31 March 2016

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Minimum Wage Confirmed It Will Increase

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Kiwi employers with a staff made up largely of low-paid workers will see their costs shoot up as the government confirmed an increase to the minimum wage yesterday.

From April, employers, earners, and motor vehicle owners no longer have to pay residual ACC levies. However it won’t mean reductions across the board.

The residual levy rate calculation was based on old injury rates which have become out-dated, going back 10 years or more. The residual levies themselves were a kind of catch up to make sure there were enough funds set aside to pay for ongoing claims predating 1999.

Changes To Paid Parental Leave

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From 1 April 2016, there are further changes to paid parental leave.

The amount of paid parental leave that eligible people can take will be extended from 16 weeks to 18 weeks.

Parental leave payments will also apply to more workers. Eligibility will be extended to people in less-regular jobs, in particular to people who have recently changed jobs, seasonal and casual workers, and workers with more than one employer. 'Home for Life' caregivers and people with similar permanent care arrangements will also be eligible.

For further information contact us.

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