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Mar 25, 2022

Building The Happiness Centred Business

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“Another different look at how a service business should operate by focusing on your customers concerns, not your own. If this business was the norm, we would all enjoy going to the dentist and be happy to pay for the privilege”. Written by Glen Beal

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How you can find happiness in your business and reap all the rewards that it brings (including increased profits).

Paddi explains exactly why enjoyment at work is important to your business success. Paddi also details his remarkable set of communication Performance Standards that,

  • Build tight, efficient, service-driven teams,
  • Promote a strong systems focus,
  • Lead to long-term teams and the exponential benefits that accrue as a result.

Take a minute to ask yourself these important questions...

  • Do people in your business, that is, team members, customers AND SUPPLIERS stay a long time with your business?
  • Do they complain constantly about conditions, hours, money, standards of service? Do they smile and laugh a lot?
  • Do your people talk to each other in a friendly way?
  • When you ask people about each other are their comments complimentary?

What you have been reading are some questions from an audit on happiness in a business. Now you may be excused for asking, what has happiness got to do with running a business?

Well, it has a LOT to do with it. Not only whether you ENJOY going to your business, but happiness in your business reflects on the bottom line.

Now Dr Paddi Lund has put together the definitive guide on HOW to create a happiness centred business that is fun, enjoyable, and profitable.