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Family business

Most big city accountants have no idea the kitchen table plays such an important and diverse role in many family-owned provincial businesses. And yet those same family owned and operated businesses are the backbone of the New Zealand economy.

We've worked closely alongside a significant number of local family owned businesses and helped them to outgrow (but some still occasionally use) their kitchen tables. A number have become some of the wealthiest and highest profile brands in the region.

Two key challenges family owned businesses face that most other commercial businesses don't need to grapple with are the complications of close family relationships and the impact of family dynamics. Our Directors and Client Service Managers work with family business clients to help simplify these potential complications and to support future growth through a range of tailored services in the following areas:

Effective Governance

We can help you create effective governance in your family business and to gain the support and alignment of other family members. We will also help you put the right governance structures in place to ensure everyone in the family is clear about their role, as well as their rights and responsibilities.

Internal and External Succession Planning

Fair doesn't always mean equal. You need a plan the whole family will buy into and support. Our proven processes will create clarity for you and your family, and will help ensure your business can continue to grow and develop well into the future.

Management Reporting

We also understand family businesses are still commercial businesses and that financial performance is paramount for family alignment and prosperity. Our Management Reporting Suite helps keep you focussed on the commercial drivers of success and to plan ahead to build an even more successful future.

Contact us for a free initial consultation to see if our Family Business Process can help simplify and enhance your family business.