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Small Business

It doesn't take hair gel, a trim latte and two flat whites to be able to serve New Zealand's diverse range of small and rural businesses well. It takes a breadth of knowledge, experience and understanding that larger city-based accountancy firms and many small provincial firms simply can't deliver. No matter how good their barista.

We've had more than 90 years experience working with small and rural businesses based in provincial cities and towns, as well as in the countryside. We know what it's like, and we've seen and done it all before.

Over those nine decades of experience, we've developed products and services that can help ensure you can focus on your customers and not get bogged down in the red tape and low value work at the back end of your business. Here are some of the areas where we might be able to help your business to perform better:

Freeing up your time

We know one of the biggest issues facing owners of small businesses is simply having enough time to focus on the things that will make the business more successful. With that in mind we've created a number of low cost services – from bookkeeping to GST and PAYE calculations and returns – that are specifically tailored for small and rural businesses. These cost effective services won't break the bank but they will ensure your administration remains up-to-date and in order, and you have way more time to work on the things that really drive your business forward. They include:


We have access to the largest business benchmarking database in New Zealand and are able to help identify areas where your business should be performing better. Our Business Benchmarking service can provide you with insight as to where you might need to focus your effort or resources to deliver enhanced growth and performance.

Profit Optimiser

Our Profit Optimiser service will highlight areas where your business might be leaking profits or failing to secure additional profits. It can be a game-changing experience for many small and rural business owners.

Contact us for a free initial consultation to see if our Profit Optimiser Process is right for your business