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#COVID19 – Helping Small Local Businesses

Our small businesses like café’s, restaurants, bars, hairdressers etc etc are suffering badly from the COVID-19 isolations and shut-downs.  If you are in a position to help them, it may help them survive through this tough time.  Buy a voucher for a future visit, and give them the cash they need now.  Consider “buying” your daily coffee, pre-paying now for a haircut to replace the terrible isolation bowl cut you’ve given yourself or having that weekly night out…  Go to https://sosbusiness.nz/ to find out more!

For the business owners…  If your business is suffering and you have a loyal customer base, consider SOS Business (Support Our Small Business) at https://sosbusiness.nz/.  Your customers can then either buy vouchers for future use when things return to normal or make a donation.   SOS Business doesn’t charge any fees – the only fee is the credit card fee that Visa/Mastercard charge on the purchase.  From a GST and Tax perspective:

  • All donations are treated as income for income tax purposes but there is no GST to declare
  • All vouchers should be treated as liabilities as you haven’t delivered the service yet.  When someone redeems a voucher then it becomes a sale for both GST and income tax purposes.

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Author: Kirsty Bullen

Managing Director

Campbell Tyson Limited

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