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Setting up Xero Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

MFA will become mandatory for all Xero users on Tuesday 18th May 2021, but why wait? Set up only takes about five minutes and gives you the peace of mind that goes with a second layer of security.

How to set up Xero MFA:

1. Have your smartphone on hand and make sure you’ve downloaded Xero Verify (or another authentication app of your choice) from the Google or Apple app store.

2. If you don’t have access to a smartphone you can use Authy, a desktop authenticator.

3. Log in to Xero from a laptop or desktop computer and follow the instructions on screen.

Why is there a ‘Remember me’ for 30 days option?

It allows you some flexibility when logging in multiple times a day.  The ‘30 day remember’ me feature applies to each device separately.

For more information visit:

Multi-factor authentication OR Troubleshoot multi-factor authentication

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